Chapter 6 - My First Day In My Cell

I heard the bolts on the hatch in my cell door being drawn. Ms Mindy had brought my wife down to inspect me! I scrambled to take the position of respect, my chain jangling. 

I pressed my nose hard to the wall and knelt motionless. My ass up. My legs spread. So humiliating!

Behind me, I heard the hatch swing open.

I heard Ms Mindy speaking outside the open hatch in the cell door. 'There he is Mrs. Crowne.  Our rules require him to stay in that position whenever a Lady is present, unless we permit him to move.  And he’s not allowed to speak without permission. He knows he'll get the strap if he's disobedient’.

I shuddered when I heard that. My god, I could not take another stroke of her strap!

‘Do you wish to enter his cell, Mrs Crowne?  He's quite safe.  He’s on a short chain, just as you requested.  And he’s been moderately well behaved so far. I did have to strap him, just a little. However I think he's going to do well here, he seems a fast learner'

I heard my wife answer, and the door bolts were pulled back and the door opened.  I held myself in position, with my nose pressed to the wall. I knew my balls were displayed.

I heard the sound of high heels entering my cell.  I did not dare move or speak without permission...I could not risk getting the strap again!

I would have to wait until my wife asked me a question, or allowed me to move.

'Excuse me, Mrs. Crowne, but our rules require that visitors do not cross the yellow line unless the prisoner is  handcuffed and shackled. It’s for your safety.... prisoners sometimes try to kick. They get so desperate to get off their chains that they sometimes act quite wild.  Ms Grange always tells us to treat them like dangerous lunatics'.

'Thank you Mindy.  I don't think he'll be violent. I think he still believes he'll be unlocked in a few days. But I'll stay on this side of the yellow line, just in case’. 

‘Well, Tommy’ my wife called to me. ‘That collar and chain does look heavy!  I see the collar fits nice and snug.... it should do, of course, because I emailed them your shirt-collar size last week’.

‘Tug on your chain, please dear. I did promise to make sure that you are secure'.

I took my nose off the wall and jerked my head to tug at the chain.

 'That's excellent dear. You won't escape from that! Now put your nose back to the wall again, please!'

'What a nice heavy padlock on your collar.  It’s that lovely German high-security type, the one with the deadlock bolt!  I asked Mrs. Grange to get it for you specially.  The key is locked in Ms Grange's private safe by now! There’s no escape for you, my dear’.

I see from your ass that Ms Mindy has had to use her strap on you, already. Your ass looks sore already, my poor darling!  And you’ve only been here 30 minutes!  But it’s for your own good, dearest. You must be taught to be obedient!’ 

'Thank you very much Mindy!  I can see that discipline is very strict here, just as I had hoped.  And the security is excellent!  I’m completely satisfied that escape is impossible.  Please tell Mrs. Grange that I'm very impressed with her methods and facilities, and will recommend this Institute to some of my friends in the USA. I know several wives who will be interested in having their husbands placed here! 

Please also kindly give Ms Grange my farewells. Tell her I'd have liked to have stayed longer, but I have a reservation on the overnight plane to New York'.

She turned back to me again. 'You look so cute kneeling there on your straw, Tommy!  Do you realize that your asshole and  balls are fully in view to us?  You really are a chained animal, aren’t you! So amusing!  I’m going to just love thinking of you  chained up here like that, and knowing that it was me that put you here. You know that I asked for a nice short chain, don't you?  And I've left instructions that you are to be kept under strict discipline.  I want you kept perfectly obedient!'

‘This is goodbye, Tommy!' she said " I won't be back! Good luck with your new life. Its what you told me you always wanted.  I've just made sure that you have what you wanted.  It's too late to change your mind now. You can't escape, and there will be no release. Get used to it!

'Try to sleep dear.....maybe you'll wake up and find its all a dream! But I think not! Sleep well! I hope you’ll find the straw comfortable!’.

I heard my wife's high heels turn and walked out of the cell, and the door close and lock.

I heard laughing from outside the cell though the open hatch in the cell door.

'Goodbye.... prisoner!' called my wife, laughing. 

Ms Mindy laughed and said something, and my wife laughed even louder.

I desperately wanted to ask my wife to let me out immediately, but she had not given me permission to speak. If I spoke, I was absolutely sure Ms Mindy would take that as deliberate disobedience, and Ms Mindy had warned me of the consequence for that! I simply could not take the chance of getting the strap again!  Or even perhaps the cane!  I dared not speak!

I had no choice but to remain silent, in position, like a dog on a chain.

I heard the steel hatch shut, and the heavy bolt slide home. Then silence.

The only sound was the faint chink of the links of my chain, shifting slightly as I breathed.

The cell was soundproof when the hatches was closed!

Oh God! It's too late to say anything now, too late.... too late even for begging!

I was locked on a real chain, in a real cell.  There really was no escape. 

I tried to keep calm. This must be a joke. My wife had put up a very good act. But I knew she'd be back to let me out in a few days.  Maybe she'd leave me here for the full vacation!  Our flights back were in 10 days. I know she'd enjoy keeping me here for that long. This would teach me a lesson! Ten days here was going to be very tough to take.  My wife probably did not understand how tough these people really were!  Well.....there was nothing I could do about it now.  I was locked up, under strict discipline!

Ten days here will be hell!

'That sadistic bitch, Ms Mindy will see to that' I thought grimly. I shuddered at the thought of her strap.

After an hour, I desperately wanted to masturbate.  The chain and collar was incredibly erotic to me.  And knowing I was my wife's helpless prisoner made me so excited. The fact that I had not been able to tell my wife that I wanted an early release was also erotic. I was going to be chained here, maybe for the whole ten days! It was so incredibly exciting to think that my wife would find me naked and chained here when she came back!

I had carefully kept my hands well away from my cock. I did not want to risk getting another taste of  Ms  Mindy’s strap!  I knew Ms Mindy might look in through the peephole at any time. My wife or Ms Mindy might even be watching me right now!  I could not tell.  It was both exciting and embarrassing to be chained here like a dog, in full view of the door, knowing anyone might be watching me. Using the lavatory would be really embarrassing too.  I had not thought about the lavatory arrangements, I realized.

It was hot in my cell, and I was sweating.  I realized that no one had said anything about how I was to wash. 

The straw was also much less comfortable than I had imagined. I had expected it to be soft and comfortable, but instead,  it was scratchy and prickly. 

I could  not get very comfortable on the straw, no matter how I tried.  I found that the best thing seemed to be to lie as still as possible...the prickling seemed to get better if I didn't move too much.

My neck was also starting to get sore from the weight and movement of my collar. And my ass was still burning. 

I spent the next few hours lying quietly on the straw, thinking about my situation. What I would really like to do now would be to escape, I decided.  I like being chained very much, but even more, I like the challenge of trying to find some way to escape.  But I could see no possible way of ever escaping! Even if I managed to get off my chain, I could not get out of my cell. And even if I got off my chain and out of my cell, I would still be locked inside the cellblock. And even if I could get out of the cellblock, I would be barefoot, completely nude, penniless in a strange county.

My 24" chain was too short to let me stand, or even sit upright. It would only allow me to lie on the straw, or, if I put my neck directly over my ringbolt, I could just get up on my hands and knees before the chain pulled tight.  I got on my hands and knees and shuffled around until my body was parallel with the end wall. Then I could comfortably turn my head to see the cell door and the rest of the cell . The cell walls, arched ceiling and floor were smooth stone blocks and concrete, with some kind of hard white stain finish.  The thick cell door was plain metal, also painted white, with a small glass peephole and a small closed hatch.  Light came from a single electric light, recessed behind a barred grille in the ceiling.  I could feel a small movement of cool air from a heavily barred grille in the ceiling. The air felt good, because it was warm, hot even, in the cell.

After one minute I had seen everything in the cell that there was to see.

Time would pass very slowly in this cell, I realized! 

To pass the time, I decided to continue spreading my straw around my ringbolt with my hands. There was just enough straw to make a thin layer over the concrete floor around my ringbolt.  I noticed my  hands had become grimy. The straw must be dirty. It was probably brought in direct from some local farmyard.

I had no accurate sense of time.... I was not sure how many hours had passed since I had been locked up. The ceiling light shone steadily.... ‘I wonder if they turn it off at night?  They are so cost-conscious here, I bet they do’.  I started to make some patterns on the floor with bits of God.... how could anyone endure a long sentence here.... anyone would certainly go crazy from boredom alone, if he was left locked up here for very long!  But if he did go crazy, at least he could not get into any mischief, safely chained to the wall, naked, in a soundproof cell! 

My knees were becoming sore from kneeling on the coarse straw, so with a rattle of chain I lay down again on the straw. The straw was rough and scratchy against my naked body.  Whenever I moved, my chain rattled, and straw suck to my sweaty body.  There was nothing to pass the time, chained here like a dog.  I tried to doze, but the straw was too uncomfortable, and my mind was still awhirl.  Sleep was impossible.  I felt like I had been here for weeks already. It was probably about midday, I guessed. 

I wondered what my wife was doing. 'Probably having lunch with Ms Grange, and laughing at how they had scared me into thinking I'd be left here. I wife said she was catching the afternoon flight back to New York.....My God, I do hope she wasn't serious!' I shivered in the hot cell at the thought or being left here.  I instinctively tugged at my chain. 'God! There was no escape from this collar and chain!......Best not to think about it.....there's nothing I can do now!'

I thought about the events of the morning. Ms Grange seemed a very professional woman. Clearly an extremely dominant woman. She said she caned her inmates!  She must be a sadist.  But she's such a fox too. At the thought of Ms Grange with a cane, I had a sudden, raging hard-on. My cock became an iron rod!  Out of habit, I started to stroke my cock, then I suddenly remembered the rule about no masturbation.  I had been warned to keep my hands visible, and away from my cock.  I quickly put my hands to my side. I  looked at the cell door. It was possible Mindy might pass anytime and look though the peephole! I could not tell if anyone was looking in, or not. This was hell!

Nothing happened. I guess no one had been looking in, and no one had seen me touch my cock. Thank God…I did not wish to get another stroke of the strap, or even worse, get the cane!  I knew my rigid cock would be very obvious if anyone looked in through the peephole.  I rolled over on the straw, my chain clanking, until my back was to the door, and my cock hidden from the peephole by my body. I slowly moved one hand down to my cock, trying to make it seem like a casual movement. My hands and cock were now both hidden from the cell door. I was breaking the rule. But I could not help myself.  I gently stroked my cock, then harder.

I thought of Ms Grange, in her white silk blouse and her tight skirt.....with a cane.

I almost immediately reached a tremendous orgasm.

Ohhhhhh!!!  The heaven!!!!  My chain scraped across the concrete floor, pulling tight on my collar as my body tensed.

My orgasm peaked.  My cum spurted out on the straw and against the cell wall. I lay on the straw, satiated, as the golden glow of male sexual pleasure surged and climaxed and flowed though my cock and my balls then spread though my whole body......

The rush of sexual pleasure slowed, and I came gradually down from my sexual male hormonal ecstasy.....down.... down….back down… to hard the straw!......the chain!......…

I started to sit up, but my chain jerked tight, holding me down on my knees.

Oh God! What had I got myself into! I had allowed myself to be chained up by a bunch of crazy women sadists! I now saw clearly how stupid and dangerous this was.... I could be home watching TV with a nice whisky right now! But instead I've got myself into a real predicament….chained up in a soundproof cell in a foreign country!  And no one at all knows I’m here except my wife.  What will happen if she has an accident and is in a coma? I'd be locked up here until she recovered! It might be months!

I quickly took  handful of straw and wiped my cum off the wall.  I must leave no sign for Ms Mindy to know that  I’d been wanking!  She'd call that intentional disobedience, for sure. I shuddered at the thought of what she would do to me. I dropped the straw down the lavatory hole.

I felt sleepy. It was hot and I was sweating. I lay down on the straw. I arranged my beautiful chain so I could see it.

I put my hands where they could be seen from the cell door.

I fell asleep.

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