A bdsm fantasy (C) Copyright Peter Mann

Chapter 1 - Arrival At The Institution

About 9am, after an hour’s drive  from Prague into the Czech countryside,  we pulled into the gravel driveway leading up to the Institute. I braked to a stop. We had arrived at last! It had been quite a tiring drive after our long flight from the USA . About sixty miles along the highway, then the last twenty miles  along winding country roads. Luckily we had a good map.  I lit a cigarette for my wife and one for myself.

We were both tired. We hadn't slept on the plane.  I noticed my wife was smiling. 

'I'm wondering if you'll manage to sleep tonight, dear.'  She explained, though a curl of blue cigarette smoke.

I grinned back. I knew what she was, in bondage.  She loved bondage as much  as me, maybe even more so. I stepped on the gas, and the SUV surged up the drive, scattering the leaves and gravel.

'Thanks for letting me come here for part of our vacation, darling’ I said ‘you know I've desperately wanted to visit this place ever since I discovered it on the Internet, and found they specialize in realistic prison bondage.....they actually have real cells here! And you know how that turns me on!....I'm really looking forward to seeing if I can escape from a real prison cell.  And I know that it turns you on to have me helplessly restrained too.  Now we're financially secure, and I don't have to work any more, you can leave me here for a whole week if you want!  We don't need to be back in the States until next week, so I can stay here as your real prisoner.  You can spend a few days sightseeing in Prague, then come back and let me out, when you're good and ready. And like we agreed, please don't tell me exactly when you'll come and let me out....not eve a hint, please.....that way my "prison stay" will be much more realistic'. 

I saw her smile more broadly.

'Yes, dear.  I’m looking forward this too.  It really turns me on  to have you restrained. I just love the thought of keeping you a helpless prisoner. I especially love it when you struggle but can't escape. And I'm not worried that you'll escape from here! I inspected their cells when I was over here on business last year.  When I visited, they had five husbands locked up here, each chained in a cell, just bare concrete walls.  The cells were all soundproof, so they could yell as much as they wanted. And the cell doors had little glass peepholes. It was such fun to peep in and watch the inmates without them knowing!  And they can't get out until their wives give permission!  So delicious! I think it’s really great that this is all completely legal in this country. The Governess told me that some of the wives planned to leave their husbands here permanently!  I wonder if she was joking. 

So I know I'm really going to enjoy knowing you are confined here. I thought it was a very nice place on my visit. I think you'll quickly become very attached to the place........darling!’

‘You mean.... by a chain?' I laughed.  She nodded.  And smiled.

'I know I will. I'm looking forward to a great week living my fantasy. I love chains and locks so much’  I said.

She said ‘You will certainly get to play with a chain and padlock here, dear!  I've seen it.  It looked positively medieval, the way they keep men chained here!  And I'm told the guards insist on very strict discipline....severe punishment for the slightest disobedience!  So, this time, you will have to behave...or else! So delicious! And....wouldn't it be fun if I was to leave you locked up..... for a really long time?... maybe a VERY long time..... I could! You know that, don't you? Doesn't that give you a thrill?'

'Yes dear! I know that I can't get out of this place until you decide...that definitely adds to the thrill! Just like a real prison! But I'm not worried about you leaving me here. We only have a week's vacation!  Maybe we'll do it longer another time. Let's see how this first visit goes first, then decide about longer visits'  I replied.

She laughed again. 'But..... it is possible.... that I could cancel your return flight and leave you here for a month, isn't it?...don't you like that thought, dear? Doesn't that possibility give you a thrill?.....I know it does me!'

Yes, it did indeed give me a thrill, I thought! But why was she teasing me about this so much?' I wondered to myself. 'Perhaps she's planning to leave me here for the whole week?' I thought.

 She saw the uncertain look in my eyes, and burst out laughing.

'You don't know if I'm teasing or not, do you? You poor dear!' she laughed.

'I think I can tell, mostly! I laughed back.

'That's good darling....can you really tell when I'm teasing? And when I'm not?  You'll soon know if I'm'll be locked up, and will just have to wait and wonder when... or if.... I'm going to let you out!  Then I guess you will  know for sure. But it will be too late for you to do anything!  So delicious! Won't that be fun? The uncertainty, I mean '

'Yes dear, it will be great fun' I said, beginning to feel confused. What was she getting at?

I continued. 'Thanks very much for letting me do this. Bondage is my most intense fantasy!  Come and get me out when you've had enough time in Prague. I'll enjoy the bondage experience here, I know I will, so don't worry about me here'. 

'I won't worry about you here dear. I know you love bondage, and they specialize in that here.  I checked the place out well... they are internationally known, stable, and respected, and don't do anything dangerous.  All their customers are long-term customers. And they take very good care of them! I’ll so love to think of you as a long term inmate....locked up,  wanting to escape and not being able to! That’s what you’ll get, dear!… tell you still want to go ahead!?'

I answered her without hesitation. I knew this was my destiny. If she would allow it.

‘Yes dear! I really do!  I've always wanted to experience a real prison, as I've told you so often. I want to make this as real an experience as possible. I want be really locked up, under your complete control. It will be a really great vacation, I know it will. I can’t wait!' 

She smiled. 'I knew that would be your answer. But I had to ask one last time! Don't worry dear, you don't have much longer to wait. I'll sign the contract like we arranged, and then under Czech law it will be completely legal for me to have you locked up, just as long as I wish.  Maybe weeks and weeks! Such a thrill! I love the thought! Maybe even more than you do.'

'And also don’t worry about our investments while you’re here…I know you worry about them, so I'll phone the manager of our properties and investments. You assigned me power over all of these, in the event that you were absent.  So I promise I'll  take care of anything that needs doing until you finish your stay here.

We came to the end of the long gravel drive, and I braked to a stop at the large building. It was a large stone building. Looked to be pretty old, but it seemed to be in perfect repair.  I noticed that the narrow windows had thick steel bars.

I walked around to her door, swung it open, and took her hand as she stepped out of the SUV. She is so beautiful, I thought.  We stood outside the door, and looked around at the beautiful rolling countryside that surrounded the Institute.  I could not see any other buildings nearby. We were clearly deep in an obscure part of the Czech countryside.

I said  'Come, dear, no sense in waiting. We both want to do it, so let's do it. Lets make the most of it.'  

'Don’t worry darling’ she said ‘I really want to do this too…. In a few minutes you'll be my helpless prisoner, I really want that....!' she hugged me. 

I heard footsteps from inside, approaching the door.

I drew her into my arms and kissed her. She kissed me hard in return, and hugged me.

I said  'In a few minutes, I'll be your prisoner. In a real cell! And only you can decide when I’m released! I’ve always wanted to experience this. I can't wait! When I’m in my cell, will you come to my cell before you go back to Prague? To check I'm securely locked up, some excuse like that? I'd like that'.

‘Yes dear. If you sign all the papers they need, like you say you will, then we’ll play your game. And  then, I'll come to your cell, as you ask. I promise I will. And you know I always keep my promises’.

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