David Shagton lay down quietly on the examination table. He had been in this position once before and the memory wasn’t wholly pleasant. That time Nurse Kristina Russia – known, inevitably, as Nurse Crusher – had engaged in a number of somewhat fiendish sexual tortures, mostly aimed at David’s testicles (and all in the name of ‘medical examination’ David thought sourly to himself) and doubtless she had other ideas for today’s fun. Once again David used the word ‘fun’ sparingly. The fun, as such, was rather more one-way than exactly mutual.

Nurse Crusher entered the room and looked at him. As usual, she was wearing her professional white nurse outfit – she actually was, after all, a real nurse -  and one which always gave David instant problems since it sported one of the shortest mini-skirts that David could imagine, being decent by only half an inch. David was positive that there were no knickers underneath, either, which of course made the teasing all the worse.

She had an evil grin on her face. Nothing new there, then. However David could see that she was holding some lengths of electrical flex. His heart began to beat faster for no apparent reason. He doubted that she was actually going to whip him with it – although that in itself was by no means impossible – however he had the sudden feeling that she was going to plug him into some form of electrical device.

“Shagger,” she said, without preamble. His unfortunate surname of Shagton meant that virtually everyone at St. Stricktlands School called him Shagger. “I have been experimenting with a brand-new box of tricks here, and I need some male genitals to try it out on.” Giggle. “So I naturally thought of yours!” David swallowed “Couldn’t Dr. Ogler have helped you out, ma’am?” he asked politely. Nurse Crusher frowned. “He HAS, boy, however……alas… after an hour or so of….err…..activity….he…errr….exhausted his….ahhh…resources. So I needed another victim…..errr…..volunteer. So here you are. Fresh and willing, and always looking out for a little of the old strict and stern.” David must have offered some form of subliminal protestation at that point, because she added, a slight touch of malice in her voice. “Come along, boy, don’t give me that innocent look. I know your persuasions….and your perversions, now! After your little session last term with P5 there was No Doubt about your natural inclinations!” David gulped. The P5 was Lady D’Aragon’s Particularly Painful Penis Punishment Powder, which was everything it stated itself to be. Nurse Crusher’s eyes floated downwards. David’s prick was already straining upright with the thoughts of it all. Deftly, she moved forward and applied various leather restraints to his body. His wrists, ankles and waist were secured bound to the ‘examination’ table.

Nurse Crushers busied herself with some minor housekeeping. First, she affixed two elastic rings to David’s defenceless penis, one at the base and the other half way along his erection. These were plugged into something out of sight. Then she took a high stool, and sat next to the table so that she was facing him. David could see clearly up her skirt. She made no attempt to cross her legs – clearly she intended to tease him as much as possible – and he had a grandstand view of her seriously delectable cunt. She looked into his eyes.

“As you know, Shagger, the most intimate part of a male is the Sex Nerve. You do know what I mean, don’t you?” David swallowed. Of course he did, all males did. She smirked. “I expect you’ve been taught about it in Sileas Crabbe’s biology lessons, however since it’s got a Latin name I’m sure you’ve forgotten it. Boys. Hopeless creatures!” David swallowed again. Of course she was quite right. He had no recollection of the medical name of the damned nerve, in fact like most males he was fairly hopeless at anatomy generally, despite it being on the school biology curriculum. He knew he would have some revision to do…..in the unlikely event that there was any time at St. Stricktlands School to do such a thing, in fact anything apart from doing lines and detentions. Nurse Crusher continued.

“The Sex Nerve, then. The one which is located in the primary pleasure centre of the penis and which initiates the erection. It then completely and selfishly pleasures itself by friction along the lining of the cunt whilst the prick is  busy violating a respectable and innocent Lady!” She snorted with indignation. “That’s the main reason, by the way, why all males at this school – and all males period if I had my way – need to be made to suffer the pain and humiliation of a Sex Thrashing either before, during, or following sex. The act of penetration is one which should be soundly punished!” David hadn’t before received an actual grounding in the reasons why men and boys ‘always needed a Sex Thrashing’ however he could see now that from the female perspective the idea did have some merit. It did, of course, fail to address the male viewpoint that even respectable ladies might actually enjoy being fucked, however that evidently wasn’t even on the agenda at the school, let alone being one under discussion. Nurse Crusher continued, with an evident touch of outrage. “And then, after everything, the final and seriously punishable act is when the Sex Nerve reaches its climax and triggers the onslaught of a disgusting amount of mess inside a nice well-ordered cunt.” She grimaced again “I personally think that all men ought to be forced to clean up their mess afterwards the hard way. With their tongues.”

She had been looking into David’s eyes all the time she had been talking. David could hardly fail to find the discussion wildly erotic, and didn’t. His pulse rate had trebled and his mouth was dry. His prick, needless to say, was rock hard with anticipation of whatever sexual satisfaction it was going to get - probably nothing at all, David suspected.

Kristina Russia grinned. “So here’s what I can now do about it. This little box here….applies…..an interesting series of electrical impulses and they…..stimulate the Sex Nerve direct. I approve of this because instead of the Sex Nerve getting pleasure it means that I can, from this control box, inflict pain onto it. Oh, and the other beautiful result is that I can also use it to administer balls torture from the other connection. So you’re going to have your Sex Nerve stimulated by me, without me even touching your penis, plus some well-deserved testicular torture. Let’s make a start!”

David lay back and swallowed again. He felt nothing. Then he quite definitely felt something. It felt as though someone was holding his balls, just where he enjoyed it most, at the base. Then he felt the current in his prick. He jumped. It was too personal. It was as though someone else was in charge of his Sex Nerve. Normally, of course, he himself was in control of it to an extent, however now the stimulations were coming completely outside his control. It was a sensation which was indescribable and yet which was excruciatingly humiliating. Nurse Crusher looked casually into his eyes, noting when his eyes dropped downwards towards the mystery of what lay up her microscopically short skirt.

“Every time I catch you looking at my cunt, I shall ratchet up the current” she said, this time with a really evil grin. I know that you enjoyed fucking me last time, and I am going to ensure that the memory lives on in pain.”

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said David, his eyes automatically tempted once again to her delectable cunt. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he said as the current came on again and again. “Just shout louder if you’d like the current increased, my dear!” said Nurse Crusher, sweetly. David arched his head back as the current bit into his Sex Nerve and his balls, begging his prick to increase more, which of course it couldn’t. When David shouted “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” again, she increased the settings again and torture became faster. Suddenly the torture ceased. David lay back, limply. “How was that for a first cycle?” said Nurse Crusher politely. David couldn’t answer. “You’ll be interested to know that I have another little job to do now, one which will take around an hour. However I have set the machine to do 5 minutes cycles for you with a couple of minutes or so  in between each. I’ll be back at the end of it. However, before I go I think that what you really, really need is a little 45 minutes sample of just why I’m called Nurse Crusher!” David didn’t think he was going to enjoy this at all. He suspected it might be something along the lines of the Answering machine, as favoured by his own mother for use on his father, and also, for that matter, by his girlfriend on him. That was a mechanical ball stretcher. It was used when Ladies wanted men to answer something. He looked up at Kristina Russia whilst she rummaged in her cupboard, chock full of entertaining ways of inflicting sexual torment onto men and boys. She found what she wanted and held it up for David to see. David saw that he had more or less been right. The wingnuts gave the game away. However there was also a second pair of wingnuts and a long bar between them. David swallowed. He had the feeling that this was where his most prized possessions got slightly squashed in service.

Nurse Crusher busied herself with affixing the device to his testicles. Slowly and methodically she wound the wingnuts until David’s bare balls were stretched upwards from his body. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! said David. Nurse Crusher grinned. “”I think that’s just about right. Now the nut crush!”

Carefully she wound down the second pair of wingnuts, brining down the long metal cylinder onto David's stretched balls. David arched his head back, sweating "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”  he said.

She grinned at him again. “Perfect. And don’t worry, the effect is purely torment. I wouldn’t want to deprive Missus of her fun and games on a permanent basis. I’ll send Wentworth in to see you in 45 minutes or so when the machine has finished six pain cycles. That’s six fives equalling half an hour and six rest periods each of 2½ minutes when you can recover and contemplate the next cycle.” She giggled “It’ll be interesting to see at the end of it whether I’ve managed to torture the spunk out you!” Her eyes glazed slightly “I succeeded with Wentworth.” Wentworth was Dr.  Ogler, the school doctor, and also Nurse Russia’s worse half. Missus was Brenda Smith, alias ‘Mrs’ Shagton, David’s unoffical better half. “Have fun, boy!” she swirled in her microscopically short white skirt, which duly rode up to her waist and afforded David an excellent, although brief, view of both her bare bum and indeed equally bare cunt. She left.

David didn’t honestly know how he was going to take this all. The machine was obviously pre-programmed to do what it wanted with him and there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was intensely humiliating, as she had said, to be tortured sexually by an unfeeling unthinking machine and to be forced to respond sexually to it. The trouble was there was no defence against the electric current. David knew perfectly well that his prick and balls would respond to the torment by themselves without any conscious action on his part. It was quite bad enough to have mechanical torture on his balls without the added electrical stimulation as well. He rather suspected that he was going to cum at some point. The trouble was, what, if anything, would the machine do then. He was afraid he already knew the answer.

The first cycle started. The current came on every 5 seconds or so and lasted only a second, but a second is an awfully long time when undergoing  torture, especially prick and balls torture. He was already fully erect but his Sex Nerve didn’t know that and kept straining for more. David took the first cycle as best he could. He was quivering with sexual excitement at the end of it.

As the second cycle started up - somewhat faster, David thought, than the first - and with more spiky shocks which went right through his penis, David’s mind started to think about sex, more as a means of defence, in fact just to think about anything which wasn’t prick and balls torture. He decided to say “fuck” ever time the current came on. Hell, there wasn’t’ anyone listening, so who cared what he said.


That felt good so he decided to experiment further. “Cunt…….cunt……cunt……cunt……cunt……cunt……”. Better yet. There was still the pause between each shock so David wondered if he could incorporate a suitable sex phrase into the space.

“Fuck her cunt……fuck her cunt……fuck her cunt……”

The current stopped. The second cycle had finished.

David wondered whether he could be a little more inventive for the next cycle. He decided he would name names.

“I want Kristina’s cunt!” David stopped and thought about that. The thought had come out unbidden. Well, he thought sourly, there always was that old saying about the victim falling for the torturer. He decided to try some other names.

“I want to fuck Sammy’s cunt……I want to fuck Sammy’s cunt……”

Sammy Terrier was his fagmistress and was eminently fuckable. His prick – or his mind – enjoyed the thought of that.

He decided to experiment further and see which girls his mind fancied. First he tried Sammy’s twin sister, Patty. Hell, it worked a treat. He could feel his prick inching its way towards an orgasm. Fortunately the third cycle finished. David was slightly surprised at himself. He hadn’t quite realised how much he really fancied both Terror twins.

The fourth cycle started. David tried an assortment of other girls, mostly prefects. He tried Katherine New (alias Cane You), Jennifer Torcher (Genitorture), Amanda Holdall (Randy Mandy),  and even his most hated girl prefect, Grizelda Gutteridge (alias Grizzle Guts). He was slightly horrified to find that he could mentally fuck  Grizzle Guts’ cunt and still enjoy it. Then he added some other female staff, and a few others in his mind on a hypothetical fucking list. Finally he thought about Lisa McFee Sven Sless……the real prize of a cunt at St.Stricktlands School. Known as Fuck Me Senseless, she was everything that a man might letch over and die for. The current was still coming in and David’s mind wandered across to where Lisa McFee’s cunt was waiting for him.

“Lisa I want your cunt!…….Lisa I want your cunt…….Lisa I want your cunt……” Suddenly his prick could take no more. David spunked, violently, the spunk almost reaching his nipples. His whole body heaved with the climax. Unfortunately this did not affect the torture machine in the slightest. It still continued with its stimulation of the Sex Nerve and the balls, just as it nothing had happened. David arched his head back and shouted “Fuck you Kristina Russia, fuck your sexy fucking skirt off, fuck your sexy little fucking cunt. Fortunately after a minute or two of this seriously delectable expletives the cycle ended.

The current started up again exactly on cue. David strained to himself in sexual torment, frustration and agony. His prick had spunked, but the machine wasn’t at all interested in that. It simply applied the stimulus to the Sex Nerve, which insisted that David should have an erection whether he needed or wanted one.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” he was saying, pointlessly, eyes closed whilst he concentrated on the pain in his stretched (and crushed) balls, whilst the current continued to torment his prick,  adding more pain to his already painfully stretched (and crushed) testicles.

He was sweating profusely at the end of the fifth cycle. He knew that there was still another one to go.

Just one more. The rest period ended. The current started again.

He decided to shout at the torment to ease his sexual agony. He  decided to rail against Nurse Crusher, but suddenly found that his mind wanted her to punish him for the crime of wanting sex with her. Three minutes of sexual hell went by. David sagged in his bonds, utterly spent. His body was lined with perspiration. And he could feel himself being cummed again. His tormented prick had volunteered him another cum and his tortured balls had found enough spunk to accommodate it.

“Punish me Kristina…….punish me Kristina……whip me Kristina……beat me Kristina……thrash me Kristina……cane me Kristina……torture me Kristina…….”

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he said as he spunked a second time. The final minute was nothing short of sexual agony. His balls were empty, his prick wanted to droop, but the machine was still totally disinterested in his plight.

Eventually it all stopped.

An eternity later he felt a hand moving across his chest. Then he felt his straps being released. He opened his eyes. It was Dr. Ogler, smiling slightly at him.

“I can see that you succeeded, Shagger, or, rather, Kristina succeeded. One cum, was it?” David frowned “No, Sir, two. On the 4th and 6th cycles.” Dr. Ogler shook his head. “If it’s any consolation, I understand what you’re feeling like. I’ve had an hour of this already today and I’ve cum three times. In fact, I’m completely spunked out. And you know what the problem is?” David shook his head at the doctor. “Kristina had told me that she wants fucking this evening! Can you guess what the penalty is if I can’t manage to please her?” David could. “Punishment, Sir?” Dr. Ogler sighed. “Exactly, Shagger. The whip, in fact.”  Being married to Kristina Russia isn’t always the easiest thing in the world.” David sat up, very slowly, and even more slowly undid the balls torture device.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he said, with feeling.

“But it does have its compensations, Sir?” he asked, innocently.

“Dr. Ogler grinned “It does. As you know, she’s one of the best fucks in the school. And, of course, I love her dearly. Now you’d best be getting along, assuming you can walk, of course.”

David eased himself off the examination table and took a couple of experimental steps.

“I think you’ll be OK, Shagger. Take it gently, though, for the next hour or so.” The doctor consulted his watch. “You’d best be quick, though, Shagger. It’s 1.45pm now and you don’t want to be late for your first afternoon lesson at 2pm, do you?”

David nodded. He dressed, quickly, and started to walkout of the surgery area, massaging his tender balls as he did so. The doctor cleared his throat. David turned around.

“I’m afraid there’s just one more thing you should know, Shagger. I wonder if you realised why Kristina didn’t stay in with you during your….errrr…treatment?” David had wondered, but he didn’t know. “I do hope, for your sake, that you didn’t say anything that you might later regret whilst you were….err…..under therapy.” David’s jaw dropped.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” he said, already fearing the truth. Dr. Ogler looked uncomfortable. “I’m afraid yes, Shagger. Sileas Crabbe set up the cameras for Kristina this morning, and my…err….session is recorded as well. You may expect yours to be presented at the camera club’s next monthly meeting.” David flushed to his hair roots. That just about did it. The School Camera Club had restricted membership to the upper 6th form and David knew that a whole of his exploits…..and some of his sexploits…..had been recorded for future public display. However thus far it had only been stills. Now he knew he was in real trouble. Of course he had, in his agony, expressed a desire for sex with a considerable number of ladies, mostly prefects in the upper 6th form,  plus several lady teachers, and a number of other girls from his own younger days, including Sally Diamond, the younger sister of his best friend John. It was just too awful even to think about. David closed the door behind him and walked quickly towards his next lesson, hoping to avoid any charge of lateness which would certainly mean three strokes of the cane on the bare bottom in front of the class.

David walked quickly to his next classroom with a feeling of impending doom. This was quite normal at St. Stricktlands School. He knew the eventual outcome of what had just occurred. It would appear, in due course, on a school noticeboard, for everyone to see, and it would be what was politely termed a Confession Statement. They occurred every now and again and were always a course of considerable hilarity and mirth to the girls, plus a certain feeling of sympathy from the boys. Of course it was ONLY boys who ended up making confession statements. David imagined what his was going to be like as he walked along the long cold gloomy corridors that epitomised St. Stricktlands School.

A Statement of Confession by David Shagton, lower 6th form

It should duly be noted that the aforementioned boy has voluntarily confessed to harbouring impure thoughts and fantasies towards a number of  ladies.  This will, of course, incur him in punishment, details of which will be announced later. The following ladies at the School have been compromised:


Lady Joyce D’Aragon
Ms Ava Frasch
Miss Lisa McFee Sven Sless
Nurse Kristina Russia


Grizelda Gutteridge
Samantha Terrier
Patricia Terrier
Amanda Holdall
Jennifer Torcher


Brenda Smith
Shirley Greene
Celia Briony Tew

There are, in addition, a number of other ladies identified who are not resident at St. Stricktlands School. These ladies will be contacted presently and arrangements made for independent punishment in due course.

David thought sourly to himself that one Mrs Diamond would be getting a phone call from someone, probably the School Secretary Sue Sweet, in the next few days. Mrs Diamond had recently acted as a supply teacher to cover Lady D’Aragon’s sickleave. Mrs Diamond was also a great friend of David’s mother, and lived only a few minutes away from the Shagton home. She was also one of the best caners in the business, as David already well knew to his cost. Undoubtedly it would be unbelievably humiliating to have to bend over and be caned by her as punishment for wanting her cunt and also in the presence of her sexy daughter Sally, who David had also fancied for years and had now publicly admitted to fancying, and so would be able to add her own whacks onto his eventual punishment.

David sighed to himself. The staff members listed would probably be modestly understanding – after all, lots of boys fancied them. Most of the prefects would likewise, although Grizelda Gutteridge would be sure to be properly insulted by the ‘revelation’ that he wanted her cunt. However it was Shirley Greene who was likely to be the biggest problem. She had been trying to get David to fuck her for months now and David had declined, on the basis that a fuck between two lower 6th formers would earn each of them 18 whacks….David and his girl friend Brenda Smith had already discovered the delights of ‘The Big One’ as it was known generally at the school. David suspected that his life would now be doubly difficult as soon as The Greene Goddess became aware that David did, after all, fancy himself up her cunt. He also knew that he was likely to get it in the neck…or, rather, in the balls, from the prefect Kirstin Eis, for the reverse crime of NOT being on his list. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy the thought of fucking her, because he did, it was merely that her name hadn’t immediately cum to mind, so to speak. He knew she would be punishing him severely. Kirstin Eis was an expert at Balls torture herself, as he knew only too well, and so the promised fuck from her which he eventaully got was likely to be on her terms only and after a great deal of  testicular  torment first.

He sighed again and walked into his next class.


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