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The Sacred Feminine


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First Blood




The boy, james, approached the office and chambers of Headmistress Spiteful with resolve, albeit intermingled with unavoidable anxiety and dread, as human nature would have it. He depressed a button which rang the doorbell beside Her varnished, flush, eight-foot tall hardwood entrance door. A buzzing sound emanated from within, summoning him to enter. He did so without delay, and once inside, the door closed automatically behind him. He found himself in a softly lit foyer that split into two dimly lit corridors to the left and to the right. Directly ahead of him was another door that was partially opened a few inches and from which emitted a brighter light than shone in his immediate vicinity.

This was james' second year at the Norsican Educational Institute of Corrections, American Chapter. The Institute was founded and run by Miss Angela Spiteful of Norseland. There was an evergrowing urgency in America, and the greater portion of the civilized world, for that matter, for the strict, swift, and merciless discipline that Miss Spiteful prided Herself in at Her Institutions. Males had become increasingly lazy, lackadaisical, and unmotivated over the last several generations. This school was the last bastion of hope for many between the ages of 16 and 21 years who had either dropped out or failed to pass their requirements for high school graduation.

Without Her stringent efforts, college and a successful future were non-existant for many. The boy had been sent here by his mother for his continual failures in school and the overall apathy he had exhibited in his life.

From behind the cracked door james heard sharp, staccato reports that he felt were virtually unmistakable. Shortly thereafter, the door swung open and Headmistress Spiteful emerged. She was dressed in black leather pants, leather boots to upper calf in the same hue, a crisp,white blouse with sleeves uprolled, and short black kidskin gloves to the wrist. As She approached him, She slowly coiled a magnificent, sleek, black, tightly woven eight-foot leather bullwhip that She clutched in Her gloved hands.

"Hello, boy. I was just enjoying some R and R in the chamber. She's a beauty, isn't She? Eight feet of real whip. I just love throwing Her, and the cracks get my blood pumping like a shotgun blast does!"

"Yes, Miss Spiteful. Er...that whip looks incredible...", james stammered, trying his best to conceal his excitement at the sight of the whip in Her strong hands.

"Boy, I get the impression that you like bullwhips, too. You don't have a whip fetish, do you now?"

"Well, i don't know,..but...."

"Speak up boy! What is it?"

"Miss Spiteful, before we begin our meeting, would You permit me to see You throw and crack Your whip a few more times... please?"

"I suppose in this case, I will allow it. My practice was cut short when you arrived. Let's go into the chamber, then."

james followed the Headmistress back into the chamber, not knowing at all what to think or expect, other than the knowledge that he indeed was quite excited and overwhelmed at the thought of watching Miss Spiteful wield Her menacing whip before his very eyes.

Once through the door, james realized the size and scope of the 'chamber'. The room indeed was quite large, perhaps thirty feet by forty feet with a very high ceiling, approximately fifteen feet above the floor on which they stood. The walls were covered in a tufted black and red leather material.

To the left side of the room was a large desk, pc, and various office equipment. But otherwise what caught james' attention were the racks of whips and assundry cp instruments, the massive, timbered X-frame across the room, a large padded vaulting horse, a ceiling hoist of some sort, and other furniture and equipment that he was unfamiliar with.

"This is your first time here, isn't it, boy? Most of the senior boys have paid me a few visits here."

"Yes, Miss Spiteful."

"Well, on with the demo. I always like to imagine a victim to severely punish when I throw my whips here. A male inescapably secured, with his back bared towards Me, so I can bullwhip him like a man! I absolutely love this whip! It is a true work of art in My hands. See how tightly the leather plaits are woven and how long the fall is?. I recently replaced the cracker here. That is what cuts your, I mean....his back to shreds when the whip cracks like a rifleshot, like so!"

Miss Spiteful then proceeded to loft and twirl the whip high in the air, fully extended it straight overhead, then sent it sailing towards the imaginary figure that She so wished to whip into frenzied oblivion. The popper exploded with a vicious, resounding crack! She continued to throw the whip with various single and multiple cracks, getting caught up and reeling in the imagery that the intensity of the whip and Her overactive imagination transported Her to. Several minutes passed before She ceased inflicting the mortal brutality in Her mind's eye. Her face was flushed, and tiny beads of sweat began to adorn Her upper brow.

"Oh, my!!.... that was inspirational! I can throw double-handed, too, with two bullwhips. How I wish that you weren't still a boy?!... Oh, well, we'd better get on with it. Tell Me, what was it that you wanted to meet with Me about today?"

By this time james, as well, was beside himself with excitement from the spectacle that he had just witnessed firsthand. he collected himself and his thoughts as best he could, and began to impart to the Headmistress what had been consuming his waking thoughts of late.

"Ma'am, i feel that i have made improvements in my behavior and my schoolwork in the two years i have spent here.. i appreciate and greatly need the discipline that you have afforded me here. Thank You so much, Miss Spiteful! The fact of the matter is, though, that i crave and desire so very much more severe discipline than i have received thus far."

"Oh, really! What is it that you had in mind? Did i not give you five dozen cane strokes with the Dragon yesterday for your disrespectful behavior? Do you desire more caning?"

"Well, ma'am, actually i crave something more... severe and frequent...on a regular basis. With You, Ma'am."

"Boy, do you realize that there are laws in this country that govern the treatment that can be meted out to underage boys as yourself, even if your mother consented to My having carte blanche with you? This isn't My great Norseland, where all males, upon their express consent, and sometimes without, can be whipped absolutely without limit by incredibly powerful Norsewomen as myself. When done properly, a Norsewoman can effortlessly lash a male to death with a bullwhip just like those in my arsenal."

"Miss Spiteful, with all due respect, i crave full measure with the bullwhip, as You have enlightened me with today."

"I can't do it, you are a boy, too young for legal consent."

"Ma'am, today is my birthday. i am now 18 years old. Please check your files."

"Well, what a pleasant surprise. Right you are. Nonetheless, you can't realize what you are getting yourself into. I am a powerful, sadistic Norsewoman. you can never possibly imagine the brutality that I am capable of happily dishing out! I can have you sign a simple consent form and we can schedule some regular training for you, if you so desire. Progressive whipping on the buttocks to see if you have potential."

"Ma'am, the urge is overpowering me. i crave it like a man, on the bare back."

"Boy, don't play with Me! If you sign a full-fledged consent form with Me, there will be no turning back... ever. I only entertain consensual/non-consensuality agreements of this nature. No limits but My own. I could even take you back to Norseland and really have My way with you there. You would be helpless to refuse Me!"

"Do you mean that You could "do it properly" there, Miss?"

"I could and would. It is perfectly legal for a Norsewoman to whip a male to death if he so consents, or if prescribed by law as punishment. I have two Norsemales there now who have suffered unimaginable agonies under My bullwhips. Norsemen are much bigger and stronger than you, boy. Some of my most lethal whips are ten and twelve feet in length with wire-laced falls and barbed crackers! These males have both endured many sentences of up to 2,000 lashes at My very hand! They have surrendered themselves to Me and have begged to make the ultimate sacrifice to Me. When I return to Norseland, I will whip them both to death. Their Death Warrants are signed and they await My return. It seems that I have My very own little death row. Would you care to join them and become a member, little man...hmmmm?"

"Yes, Miss Spiteful, more than anything i could ever want in the entire world!!"

"Very well, then. I won't play games with you. I will draw up the consent forms which are irrevocable. We will begin a regular regimen of progressively more severe bullwhippings on the bare skin of your back immediately after you make your initial sacrifice to Me with your consent. you will reach a point within the not-so-distant future when you can (or will non-consensuallly) endure ultra-severe whippings of extreme brutality.

Then you will be ready to accompany Me to Norseland. The Death Warrant for your execution by bullwhipping at My hand will have been proclaimed and signed into law by that time."

"Thank You, Miss Spiteful. This is the most wonderful day of my life!"

"We shall see within a very few days how wondrous indeed it is for you, as the blood runs to your ankles!"

"What you do is for the most noble cause, and is the greatest honor a human male can attain, james. To sacrifice himself wholly, and irreversibly to a superior, dominant, sadistic, powerful >Norsewoman as myself."

"I have a vision of the future, where throughout the world are Institutions such as this, and others that I have in place. Sanctuaries for Women and living hells for all males to be trained, suffer, and be executed under Our whips, as you will be one day soon. To control and ride herd over the male population and uplift and advance the Female. This is My true motive. And you have the distinct privilege of being pawn to the Queen.

We begin tomorrow evening. After the signing ceremony you will formally receive your inaugural sentence. I will begin slowly with you: 250 lashes on your bare back with the whip you briefly glimpsed today.

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