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20 June 2011

A new story for you all to enjoy, entitled The Basement from Chained Slave.

6 April 2011

Another story, this time from Canada Bill who concludes his story of a Long Weekend.

26 August 2010

At last, some updates! Let me know if you think it's about time too; I always enjoy dealing with critics. Two stories this time, one from the hand of Smiff comes a factual account of his bastinado session. Luckily Smiffy doesn't type with his feet as apparently they were quite sore for a week afterwards. I think I'll christen him "Tiptoe". The other story comes from Axyloid called The Escape Artist. I don't quite understand why anyone would want to escape from bondage but there you are, it takes all sorts and Axyloid is in America so that explains a lot I think. There's also a link to Mistress Maggie who works in Preston so you might like to check her site out.

2 November 2009

Another story from Axyloid; this time dealing with everyone's favourite subject: Ball busting. Enjoy!

23 September 2009

At last, something new to see! This update is a very quick video of William receiving the cane - without any help from me whatsoever.

6 June 2009

Lots of stories this time so maybe you can get mummy to read them to you at bedtime. The final four episodes of The Institute written by Axyloid are loaded and also I've got permission to load an old favourite, Julia. This is a series of stories that appeared on this site some years ago. Also, a story called Webb Encounters has been re-edited by the author; more stories in this serial will be loaded soon.

23 May 2009

Axyloid's story continues with episodes 15 and 16. You love it.

27 March 2009

More prison fun in Axyloid's story The Institute in Episodes 7 and 8.

16 March 2009

Yankee doodle Dougie recommends you all read Axyloid's story The Institute, so why not? The next two episodes have been uploaded.

24 February 2009

Part 3 and 4 of Axyloid's serial so if you need some practice with your reading, try this




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