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Every now and then, I receive fantasy stories or real accounts of sessions I've given to people. These are the best of those I've received. If you would like to contribute, send me your story and I'll publish it on this website. If you do, please try and refrain from using swear words as they don't necessarily add anything to a story.

The copyright and property of these stories belongs to the authors.

The Dominafuhrer series uses the font Schwaben Alt, which was downloaded from the Internet.

Alice And Anna - The Bridesmaids
Alice And Anna On The Beach
A Merry Ferry Christmas
Silk Stockings On A Ladder
Stella And Fanny
The Bisley Boy

The Stories of Yvonne Sinclair

Six stories about cross-dressing written by my lovable Old Nick

Miss Mulcahy's Detention
Nine and a Half Hours
The Stories of VO

Three very dark tales that delve into imaginative, strange and disturbing worlds.

The Sacred Feminine
Obedience Training
Getting Aquainted
Tested and Rewarded
Moving Day
Good Grooming
Learning To Serve
Training Continues
When The Bell Rings
The Evaluation
The Great Escape
The Sacred Feminine

A new serial from an old friend of mine, Arch, who describes his descent into slavery at the hands of a mysterious Mistress Stella.

Always On The Bare A story written by Annie Bee about Thomas, who gets his comeuppance from the delightful Miss Craven


Two tales from David Shagton about his schooldays at St Stricktlands School. How very different from my own genteel schooldays.

Julia - An Introduction
The Welcome
Julia's Way
A Wee Drop
Club Night
The Long Night

The Stories Of Julia

This collection of stories was sent to me anonymously. I think they are excellent stories and well worth reading.

The Basement The Chained Slave writes of his inheritance and how he's kept in check by his girlfriend.

A Caning By Miss Spiteful Hapless Slave Blake writes about one of his many canings he has suffered because of his failings.

A Visit To Greenwich The brutal punishment of the recidivist Turner and his treatment at the hands of Miss Spiteful in a cold and sadistic torment

Judicial Bastinado Smiffy came for a judicial but didn't want any marks - what could I do? Beat the soles of his feet with all sorts of implements naturally!

At My Lady's Pleasure A young man is caught shop-lifting and is given the option of going to court or accepting the punishment meted out by the shop's owner, the aristocratic Lady D'Abarlay.

Charles, the Errant Schoolboy The story of a frightful boy who visited me to confess his addiction to the sin of masturbation.

George George, star of the Bottom and Six Of The Best, explains his feelings during his last thrashing and why he deserves to have some more.

Long Weekend
Long Weekend Conclusion
A story from Bill who warns you all not to pick up young women in public houses

I Met Claire In A Coffee Shop A new story from Paul. This is what happens when you don't watch what you're doing.

My Visit "Such Female power! Such a sadistic woman!" So wrote prisoner J. after his incarceration

Webb Encounters David relates his visits to Miss Spiteful - with the promise of more to follow.

Robin's Electric Torture I couldn't help myself. "Oh no, please, in God's name, no, no, no - please, I beg you!" Read about Robin's electric torture

Plimsolls A story of a young woman who loves to wear her plimsolls. Written by John Plimsoll

The Huntress Caning

The Language School

Arrival At The Institute
I Enter The Institute
Legal Arrangements Concluded
I Am Taken To My Cell
Chained Up
My First Day In My Cell
My Second Day In My Cell
My Third Day In My Cell
My 100th Day In My Cell
Six Months Later
The Trestle
My First Eighteen Strokes
The Second Eighteen Strokes

After Caning
I Am Finally Released
My Sentence Continues
My Second Chance
Locked Up Again
Same Again

Ball Shackle Story


The Escape Artist

Axyloid answers a mysterious advertisement in a local paper

A new serial from Axyloid


Another story from Axyloid featuring - ME!

The Shoeshine Boy A tale of how a fetishist began his love affair with high heels

First Blood

The Colony

The start of a new serial about Norseland by writer j.

Also by j, the story of The Colony

The Worm's View A lowly submissive's impression of his visit

Kim A story of revenge by Stephen

I Sign A Contract
The Farm
I Am Assigned Gate Duty
My Life As A Gate Slave
The Sunday Pillories
The Cravat
I Settle Into My Life As A Slave
My 12 Months Are Complete
evin's Poem
Another serial from Axyloid. This time he joins a slimming club with a difference

The Convict/My Prison Folder
The Holding Centre
My Day In The Cell
I Am Sentenced
Arrival At The Californian Institute
Ms Wilson
My Cell
I Start Serving My Sentence
Ms Mary Keeps Me In Order
Open Day
The Visitors

This serial from Axyloid is about life in prison. I think it's autobiographical

Kevin's Poem A poem about Kevin's emotions as he awaits my pleasure

The New Recruit
Enslaved In Skirts
Ingrid And Fate
Walter's Enigma
The Italian Job
The High-Heeled Contessa
Rolling With Pain
The Spy Who Never Was
Ingrid's First Date
For The Love of Willi
Meeting The Staff
Dressing For Work
The Colonel and The Nurse
Anya's Curse
Future Imperfect
Reinhard The Rampart
The Bomb Under The Bed
Hungarian Rhapsody
Against The Clock
General Josephine
The Bomb Plot
Gunfight At The OKH
Up Against The Wall
City Under Fire
The End of The Unit
The Toad Triumphs
Kill Miss Spiteful
Heil Himmler
Mistress Storm
Miss Spiteful's Revenge
Last Exit From Berlin
The Name Of The Goddess


Miss Spiteful's War

A serial depicting Miss Spiteful as the leader of a secret Gestapo interrogation unit in Germany.

Give My Regards To Bremen
Storm Takes A Bow
Two Long Winters
Bonnie Ingrid of The Argylls
A Soldier's Wife For Me
Whatever Became Of The Lively Ladies
Walter's Warning
Castanelli Meets The Order
Kelly From Calgary

Three On The Bed
Solace For Solitaire

The Early Morning Tease Maid
The Chevvy With The Fritz On Top
J Edgar Hoovering
Signals From The Past
Gold In The Grave

Morning In Manhattan
Six Hatch A Plan
Back To Berlin
Two Little Girls From School Are We
Spoiling Miss Spiteful
The Taming Of The Slave
Kaffee At KaDeWe
Sugar's Stroll In The Park
The Checkpoint Chorus
The GDR Peoples Silvery Moon
Into The Tomb
The Festival Is Over
The Stasi At Night
Seraph Revealed
Old Photographs Never Lie
A Fair Exchange For Freedom
The Night Porter
Kelly's Heroines
Surgery En Suite
A Stiffie For Sapphire
The Torturous Twins
A Stilletto Up The Back
News From The East
We're Going To Wedding
Rudi's Revels
Down In The Dungeon
Nappies, Knots and Needles
Walkies With Albert
Black Marcius For Miss Spiteful
The Return of The Dominant Seven
Grab Your Knickers and Run
Vive La France
Showdown With Seraph

Miss Spiteful's Gold

Set in 1952, this serial tells how Miss Spiteful and Ingrid steal Nazi gold from East Berlin and also visit an SM club during their visit

A Judicial Punishment
The Bad Debtor
Madame Spiteful's Dungeon
Accept A Mortgage - Or Else
Bank Women Use Persuasion
A Visit To A Miscreant
Operation Bad Debt
The Criminal's Family
Operation Kill All Criminals
The Bank Women Slay Their Enemies
Torture To Death
A Visit To Prague
A Visit To Prague 2
Operation Open An Account
A Fight In A Restaurant
The Women Triumph Again
Torture Of The Kingpins
The Women Use Force
The Women Take Control
The Bossy Bank Women

The continuing story of Miss Spiteful and her colleagues as the sadistic Manager of a local branch of the malevolent, powerful Bank of Domination.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
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Episode 17
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Episode 19
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Episode 24
Episode 25
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Episode 45
Episode 46
Episode 47
Episode 48
Episode 49

The Valkyrie

A new domination fantasy by Stephen about a descendant of the Vikings arriving in England