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I work in the Woolwich area of south east London. The nearest railway station is Woolwich Arsenal. Working hours are between 11.00 and 6.00 last appointment, Monday to Friday with some weekends. I charge a one-off fee for my time and hire of equipment - agreed in advance. There are no hidden extra fees.


To contact me by email click the icon below:

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This is to confound spammers.

Please DO NOT use the email address ANGELA AT MISS-SPITEFUL.DEMON.CO.UK

Try and explain what you're looking for; simply writing that you want to try domination is a bit vague and I can only reply in general terms.

If you don't get a reply within 6 hours, please, don't write demanding that I answer immediately. I get a lot of emails every day and the majority need a thoughtful reply. I try to answer all emails within 2 days of receiving them but if I haven't replied then please be a little patient.

I reply to all emails whether I can see you or not.

Please try and write a pertinent message in the subject line, such as "a message for Miss Spiteful".

On no account, will I enter into email domination. I've already been caught by someone who didn't pay after we'd got about half way through the session. That was a shame because, although I found it hard work, it was a pretty enjoyable email session.

Please do not send email attachments if possible

To discuss any issues concerning this website, write to the email address above.


To book an appointment by telephone or for further information, dial:

UK: 020 8855 1011

Overseas: +44 20 8855 1011

or mobile number: 07795 997958 this will only be answered if I'm away from the dungeon.

Be polite and we'll be polite and informative to you. The telephone is operated from around 10.00 am most days.

I will not engage in telephone domination and if I suspect that's what you're doing then the call will be terminated.

Don't use bad language when speaking on the telephone, swearing belittles the speaker and demeans the listener. Abusive and silent callers will be call-barred.

Whoever answers the telephone is trying to give you information and to help you make a choice. If I don't offer the service you're looking for, or you don't want to visit then it's not a problem but don't be ignorant and just hang up! "Manners maketh Man".

If I ask where you're telephoning from it's not because I intend to search all of southern England to try and find you, it's because it's easier to give you travel directions.

Anyone telephoning to request I dominate their girlfriend/wife/partner please note that I shall want to speak to the woman concerned just to ensure she exists. It's odd the number of men who telephone with this request when the woman is out at work or down the shops.

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